Address, Memo, ToDo
My software is ONLY for transferring the Calendar section of Palm Desktop - however, since most people also need to copy Contacts (Addresses), Memos and ToDo's, I have included the following information to help you do this in the most painless way possible. There are various tips and tricks that can save a lot of time and frustration, so please do read through this document before you start.

Addresses (Contacts)

There is no need for any extra software to transfer your contacts: open Palm Desktop, go to "Address" (contacts), select "All" in the categories list (if you want to keep them in separate categories then do this once for each category), then select all the contacts that display using ctrl-a or "select all" from the "edit" menu). Finally choose "Export as vCard" from the Palm Desktop File menu.
You can then import the vCard files into GMail Contacts (either all to "My Contacts" or into separate Gmail Contact groups), and then sync your phone to Google. 
However, you should bear in mind that since all your email addresses are likely to be in My Contacts you might end up with all your contacts, including email contacts, in your telephone contacts... which is not pretty when you want to dial a number and have to scroll through pages of email addresses. The reason for this is that iPhone, BlackBerry and all current Android phones will sync either the "My Contacts" group, or "All Contacts": THERE IS NO CURRENT SUPPORT FOR INDIVIDUAL CONTACT GROUP SYNCING. To avoid mixing together your Gmail Email contacts with your Palm Telephone Contacts you need to orgainse your Google Contacts a little before you start:
  1. Export "My Contacts" from GMail contacts as "Google CSV", open the file to check it does contain your existing contacts.
  2. Delete everything in "My Contacts"
  3. Create a new contact group called "Emails Contacts"
  4. Import the previously saved "My Contacts" into your new "Email Contacts" group

Once that is done, you can create a new GMail Contacts group for your Palm contacts (or several if you use Palm Contact categories), and import the vCard file(s) from Palm Desktop, making sure to check the little box in the GMail Contacts Import window that says  "Also Add to My Contacts" during import.  With this method when you then sync your contacts to your phone you can choose to sync ONLY "My Contacts", and you'll only be syncing your Palm Contacts; this means you'll avoid putting all your email addresses into your phonebook.


Memo's can be exported from the Palm Desktop "File" menu as .csv or .txt files for import into Google Documents as a spreadsheet, or any other software/gadget that you wish to use.  If you wish to edit/separate Memos by category you can export each category as a separate .csv file, then import the .csv files to any spreadsheet software, adding a "Category" column if you wish.

Since Google does not have an exact equivalent for Memos, if you are planning to sync Google with your phone, and wish to access your Memos on your phone and online then I strongly advise you to check out the available "Notes"/"Memo" apps for your phone as each will require you to import the data in a different way.  Many of these apps will integrate/sync with Google either by displaying a Google "Gadget" in your iGoogle, Gmail or GCal. Here's a few links for various phone Memo apps:

A huge list of "Notes" apps:
For iPhone:
For Android:

TODO's / Tasks

Quick & Easy Solution (thanks to Remo): In Palm Desktop, first choose to show all tasks and ensure that all fields are available. Then copy all and paste it into Excel.

The above quick solution may or not work for you - if it doesn't then Dba2Csv / Palm2Google includes a free ToDo converter for use migrating Palm Desktop 6.x ToDo files (.tda or .dba) to ToodleDo ( and other software that can import tasks from .csv or .txt files.

For Palm Desktop 4 ToDo files please check out the PD4 .tda converter tool provided for free at - or upgrade to Palm Desktop 6.2 (as for calendar conversion) to use the tool included in Dba2Csv / Palm2Google

How To Convert PD6 ToDo Files:

Click the large "ToDo Converter" button on the opening window of my software
Choose a Palm Desktop 6.x .tda (or .dat) file to convert
Choose where to save the resulting file, and the type of conversion: ToodleDo (.csv) or Google/RTM (.txt)

  1. For ToodleDo, Log In to go to "Tools & Services", click "CSV Import/Export", "Upload" the .csv file and "Save"
  2. For Google Tasks, open the text file (.txt) in Notepad or Wordpad then copy the list of tasks. Click to Create a new Task in Google Tasks and "Paste" the list to create a task for each line of text that was copied. Google Tasks will only import the list of Task names, not dates.
  3. For Remember The Milk,  open the text file (.txt) in Notepad or Wordpad then copy the list of tasks.  Go to RTM Account Settings to get your "Import Email Address", then send an email to that address with the Task List Pasted into the body of the email. RTM  will only import the list of Task names.

I recommend using ToodleDo ( as it is currently the only task management system that will import not only the list of all your tasks, but also your Palm ToDo Categories (as "Context" in Toodledo), Palm Private/Public settings (Starred/Unstarred in Toodledo), due dates and the notes for each task.

Once your tasks are in ToodleDo you can display/edit them across a huge variety of devices/platforms (Android, Blackberry, Palm, Apple Dashboard Widget, Vista Gadget, Palm Pre) or display/edit them from a Google gadget embedded on your iGoogle home page, GMail or Google Calendar!

Please note that there is currently NO task manager that allows 100% complete import of Palm ToDo data complete with repeats & reminders etc.  If you are using a system not listed above it should be relatively easy to adjust the ToodleDo .csv file in a spreadsheet editor to enable import - if not, let me know and I will add support for your favorite Task software.  Please do not request support for Evernote, GQueues & Things - none of these provide CSV import for tasks.

This tool is very new, and currently free to use with the trial version of Dba2Csv/Palm2Google.
Please send me your feedback, suggestions for improvement etc.