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- If you do not feel confident, or don't have the time, then consider letting an expert convert your precious Palm Calendar to standard iCal files for Google/Outlook/iCal.  Palm calendar conversion can present certain difficulties: I can convert your calendar in the minimum possible time, fix errors, delete duplicates, and ensure that every single event is accounted for.  If you are not happy with the results - I refund in full!  To purchase my personal conversion service (includes a 2 year subscription to GCalToolkit) click the button below, or click here more information. Please don't forget to send your Palm Calendar (.dba, .dat. or .mdb) to the email on the CONTACT page with any special instructions.

Hi, my name is Neil Gerstenberg, and I'd like to reassure you that you will be purchasing fully guaranteed software & service to ensure that your precious Palm Calendar data is copied to the system of your choice with NO ERRORS AND NO MISSING DATA.  I provide unlimited personal online help, and will assist you with the various problems that you may encounter. To compensate for the higher price that such a special service entails, I provide a 100% REFUND if you are not fully satisfied with the results.

Neil - 6 Feb 2014.

Palm Desktop 4 files will be converted to CSV, unless you upgrade to PD6 first (RECOMMENDED)
Palm Desktop 6 files will be copied to Google, preserving repeat rules

Users of Palm Deskop 4 can export to CSV for Outlook or Google, however, this will lose all repeat rules, so PD4 users should upgrade to Palm Desktop Version 6 first. This is especially important if you ever plan to Sync your Google Calendar to your phone/desktop calendar software, or if you ever want to delete a repeat event. READ MORE ABOUT WHY TO UPGRADE

Upgrading Palm Desktop will work for ANY Palm Device: you will not sync your Palm device to Palm Desktop 6 - but create new version 6 files from your version 4 calendars.

Once you have copied your calendars to Google you can sync Google Calendars with any other calendar software, or export as iCal and import to any calendar software.  If you don't want to use Google to manage your calendars, you can still use Google as a central "Hub" for all your desktop and smartphone calendars (Link to Lifehacker Article)

Please note that the TRIAL version will convert 50% of your calendar.

  • 100% money-back guarantee!
  • Free upgrades and unlimited PERSONAL email/chat online support
  • Online secure purchase on Paypal's Secure Servers (Paypal account not required)
  • Removes duplicates, copies notes, location & reminders
  • Try... Save Session... Buy... Continue the Session...
  • Works on ALL Microsoft Windows (.NET 3.5 required)
  • FREE ToDo Converter included in the Trial Software: Copy Palm Tasks to Toodledo
  • Add Colour! Copy your Palm Desktop 6 events to colour-coded Google Calendars
  • ALL repeat events patterns and exceptions are correctly converted
  • No need to configure conduits, hotsynch, ports, sync settings: simply convert to csv, or copy to Google
  • Dba2Csv / Palm2Google changes nothing on your PC or Palm device - there is no risk of losing data
  • Convert Palm .dba /.dat / .bak / .mdb  files even if you don't have access to a Palm device or Palm Desktop
  • Palm2Google can export Public & Private events separately if needed
  • Copy Palm Calendars of ANY SIZE using "Save Session" to bypass the Google Quota
  • Copy to Google on office networks (secure https connection, no ping)
  • Easy to use: do please read the Palm2Google User Guide & software "tooltips"
  • Strip ugly Datebook tags from the Notes/Description fields
  • Easy Purchase - See the "Unlock..." menu in Dba2Csv / Palm2Google program menu
  • 100% accurate! Error logs to cross-check "refused" events against Palm Desktop.

Installation & Purchase

1) Install Dba2Csv / Palm2Google using "Download Now!" button below - please remember that 3rd party security software may block downloads.

2) To activate the Full Version, click the "Unlock..." menu in Dba2Csv / Palm2Google, follow the instructions, and after making your payment log on to this site using the username & password that you chose.  Generate your "Activation Code" using your "Key Code" copied from Dba2Csv / Palm2Google program "Unlock..." menu.

3) Paste the "Activation Code" back into Dba2Csv / Palm2Google program "Unlock..." menu and restart the software.

For more info please see the "Unlock..." menu in the Dba2Csv / Palm2Google program.

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Convert Palm Calendars to GoogleDba2Csv has been tried and tested by the SOFTPEDIA® team and certified to contain NO SPYWARE, NO ADWARE and NO VIRUSES. Click the Softpedia® logo on the left to visit; if you are not 100% sure that your computer is protected, then you should always download from links provided by a trustworthy source such as SoftPedia®.

"It worked great -- that's a really wonderful little application." Prof. Charles M.
"This must be the most useful and the least costly software that I have ever purchased! Thank you!" Dr John B.

Please don't forget that I offer unlimited personal assistance and a 100% "Quibble Free" money-back guarantee if Dba2Csv/Palm2Google does not fully satisfy your needs.

To purchase Dba2Csv please click the green "BUY NOW" button. You will be guided through registration on this site (you choose your USERNAME & PASSWORD), and then on to Paypal for a 100% secure online payment of £30 to YELLOW RIVER ARTS LTD (Uk registered company no. SC263719, not liable to VAT under UK Tax legislation)
. You do not need a Paypal account.

Minutes after payment you can use the USERNAME and PASSWORD that you chose to log in to this site, and you will be automatically taken to the members version of the site. Here you can generate your own Activation Code within minutes to unlock the full version of Dba2Csv and Palm2Google (for full instructions see the Dba2Csv / Palm2Google program "Unlock..." Menu)

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